Supporting the Community through Charitable Donations
Community Involvement

Supporting the Community through Charitable Donations

January 2024

As a result of our charitable efforts and initiatives at the end of last year, our community managed to gather a substantial amount of money. This contribution has proven to be a vital source of support for Efrem's treatment, a little fighter facing the challenges of cancer. In the spirit of our solidarity, we have succeeded in providing a ray of hope and assistance in this uneven battle.
The charitable action is, in addition to the benefits brought to Ephrem's family, also a statement of the power we possess when we unite to do good. Together, we have not only created a funding source but also a network of support and compassion.
***The company ArtSoft Consult is pleased to be part of charitable actions aimed at bringing significant changes to the community. In a generous gesture supporting Mihai Neșu's dream, we have contributed to the construction of the Recovery Complex in Oradea which assists children and adults with neuromotor disabilities in Romania.
The donated funds will be directed towards this facility, a place where beneficiaries will receive essential assistance to improve their quality of life. It is worth noting that these individuals come from families with limited financial resources, making the project even more impactful and necessary.
***ArtSoft Consult provides continuous support to the "Acoperământul Maicii Domnului" Foundation through monthly donations. This initiative backs the parish led by Father Goje Ioan, the organization's founder, in ensuring fresh bread to a group of 35-36 elderly individuals once every two days. The beneficiaries of this donation are people with low incomes and limited means, residing in Cluj-Napoca, in the Gheorgheni neighborhood.
***Through these charitable actions, we have demonstrated that when we work together, we can make significant changes in the lives of those facing difficulties. It is a source of pride for the ArtSoft Consult community to be part of these solidarity missions and provide real support in challenging situations.

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