ArtSoft Consult celebrates 20 years of software development expertise and innovation

ArtSoft Consult celebrates 20 years of software development expertise and innovation

December 2023

ArtSoft Consult, a Romanian pioneering digital engineering company, has recently celebrated an important milestone - 20 years since its inception. Established in 2003, the company has flourished into a significant player in the IT market, crafting and delivering diverse services and custom software products that have helped clients reach their business goals.

ArtSoft Consult started as a small software development company during a time of rapid industry expansion. The company was founded by a core of IT specialists with the mission of providing high-quality custom software development, IT outsourcing, and consulting services.

Reflecting on this significant milestone, Lidia Bibolar, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), expresses her gratitude: "This anniversary gives us a chance to reflect on our achievements and an integral part of our success has been our team. We want to thank all our employees for their hard work and dedication over the years. We’ve also been lucky to work with incredible clients and are proud to have developed a trustworthy relationship with all of them. All these facts make us look at the future with confidence."

Over the years, the company's evolution has seen the addition of high-value services such as software roll-out, data and application migration, process optimization, UX/UI design, and business process outsourcing.

“Our 20th anniversary marks a journey fueled by passion, teamwork, and cutting-edge technologies. Grateful for our clients, partners, and incredible team who've been part of this incredible ride.", says Cosmin Neag, Chief Technical Officer (CTO).

ArtSoft Consult is a robust and innovative company with a dedicated team of 150 professionals. Specializing in the timely delivery of complex and customized software solutions, the company caters to a diverse clientele across Europe and North America.

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