Java 8

Java 8

Speaker: Csaba Nemeti

16 June 2020

Since 2018, every year two versions of Java are published. Each version brings new features at language level and virtual machine level as well. Our teams are working with different versions of Java according to the production environments of our customers, therefore the aim of this workshop was to harmonize the knowledge and share experience gained working with different Java versions between teams.
Today we start a series of workshops regarding the versions of Java. Due to its importance as a programming languages used to create web applications and platforms, the focus of this first workshop will put in the foreground the Java 8 version, thanks to our colleague Csaba who is moderating the discussions.
Java 8 is not new at all, but Java 8 was like a small revolution in Java programming language. Through these workshop we wanted to sit down with Java developer teams and talk about the most important features Java 8 came and how were they helping developers in producing nicer, more compact and also easy to understand code.
The list of features, presented and discussed about were:
• Unsigned integer arithmetic
• Parallel Array Sort
• Interfaces with default and static methods
• Base64 Encode and Decode
• Java Time API
• Functional Interfaces and Lambda Expressions
• Method Reference
• Optional class
• Java IO improvements
• Collection API improvements
• Concurrency API improvements
• Java Stream API
• Memory Management
• New tools
• JavaScript Engine

Many thanks to Csaba and all participants.

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