Charitable Donation for "Oliver Boros"
Community Involvement

Charitable Donation for "Oliver Boros"

May 2023

ArtSoft Consult donates the funds raised from charity events to support the case of Oliver Boros. We would like to thank all colleagues for their involvement in the recent charitable activities. The amount raised has been doubled by the company and transferred to the account of the association supporting young Oliver Boros.

Oliver is a boy from Cluj who is facing a serious condition and urgently needs a kidney and liver transplant. His kidneys are no longer functioning well, and he has been undergoing dialysis for several months. Unfortunately, his health condition is deteriorating every day. Oliver's parents have managed to gather only a portion of the over 250,000 Euros needed for the transplant.

Those who wish to continue helping can contact the parents at the phone numbers displayed on the dedicated website for Oliver's case:

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