ArtSoft 20 - Celebrating 20 years of software development excellence

ArtSoft 20 - Celebrating 20 years of software development excellence

May 2023

This year, ArtSoft Consult celebrates an important milestone - 20 years from its establishment. Over the past two decades, we've successfully developed and delivered a wide range of software products and services, helping our clients achieve their goals.

During this time, ArtSoft Consult has grown and evolved, becoming a major player in the IT market. In 2003, we started as a small software development company during a time of rapid industry expansion. Since then, we've adapted to technological changes and grown significantly. We are a robust and innovative company with a talented and dedicated team that's capable of delivering complex and customized software solutions on time, even starting from a vision. Our commitment to quality and client satisfaction has remained unwavering, and we're proud to have developed a trustworthy relationship with all of our clients.

This anniversary year gives us a chance to reflect on and celebrate our achievements, as well as to thank all of our employees for their hard work and dedication over the years, without which we wouldn't be here today. We look forward to continued success and delivering innovative and high-quality software solutions over the next 20 years.

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