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ArtSoft consult is involved actively to help local community

Community involvement

Involved in the Communities in Which We Live

ArtSoft Consult works proactively with local government and community organizations to ensure that the company plays a positive role in the communities in which it lives and operates.

Helping children to fight illness

A family from a town near Cluj-Napoca is facing a financial hardship due to a serious medical situation of their daughter. She is in constant need of medical care that will hopefully allow her to move better and overcome the disease.

Having an ill child is difficult enough without worrying how to pay for medical care. Therefore we decided to help by making a donation that will help the family with all the expenses they need to take care of their little angel.

Our thoughts and prayers are with them!

Supporting Dumbrava Monastery

The story of Dumbrava Monastery begins in 1996 when it was founded. Many beautiful stories go around this place, but the one that is still written is the one of the social service center that is built outside the monastery, one of the largest in the country.

In the vicinity of the monastery operates since the 1st of May 1999 the orphanage “Saint Veronica” originally sheltering seven children. Now here live 104 children aged between a few months and 18 years.

“Saint Mary” House for the elders had initially five tenants at the inauguration in 2000 and now hosts over 50 elderly people from all over the country. Under the careful nursing of the nuns, they have happy and peaceful stay. The new building of the house of elders began in 2007, in the north-west of the monastery.

Near the monastery, there is also a maternity center that offers a temporary home for pregnant women or mothers with young children that face a crisis.

We visited this place the first time in 2015 and now we return with gifts for children and the elderly.

We are thankful that we could be here once again and that we can offer support in these winter holidays for all the beautiful souls that live here.

Thank you for all your support and happy holidays everyone!

Helping children to fight cancer

On the 12th of February 2015, ArtSoft Consult took part in a charity auction organized by Little People Association. The goal of the auction was to collect money that will support young children and adolescents with cancer.

The auction held the creations of 22 artists from Bucharest, Cluj and Baia Mare.

We became the owner of two paintings, created by Mirona Pintea and Oana Damian.

Bread and bee wings painter by The first painting acquired is “Bread and bee wings” painted by Oana Damian (acrylic on canvas).

Anonimus painted by Mirona PinteanThe second paining bought at the auction is “Anonimus”, painted by Mirona Pintean (oil on canvas).

The amount collected through the auction will be used for psychosocial support of children from 10 Pediatric Oncology Centers from Romania and the Republic of Moldavia.

We are very happy that we could take part in this beautiful auction and offer our support for a noble cause.

Supporting children to fight illness

ArtSoft Consult and its employees have offered their financial support for many children that are fighting with rare and severe illnesses. The donations were used to support the children to do expensive medical investigations or treatments. Examples of cases that were helped by us are: a four years old boy from Floresti suffering of intestinal pseudo-obstruction, a six years old boy from Cluj-Napoca fighting with Ewing sarcoma, a five years old girl from Floresti who needed support for surgery to treat Rassmussen encephalitis.

Food supplies for the disadvantaged elderly

ArtSoft Consult and its employees are sponsoring the action of the “Acoperământul Maicii Domnului” Foundation whose mission is to support the disadvantaged, retired, elderly people in the area of Cluj-Napoca to overcome the difficult crisis period. This action started in December 2010 and it still continues.

Retirement Home in Românaşi

Romanasi retirement home sponsored by ArtSoft ConsultArtSoft Consult sponsored a part of the costs of building a retirement home in Românaşi. The complex will contain 50 rooms for the elderly, rooms for medical assistance, gym room, pharmacy, store, hairdresser, barber-shop, club, library, dining hall, kitchen, storage spaces, laundry, workshops (mechanical and carpentry), 8 cells for monks, guest suite, offices for administration and a chapel for religious services.

14th Basketball Rehau Challenge Cup

Basketball challenge cup sponsored by ArtSoft ConsultArtSoft Consult was an official sponsor of the 14th Basketball Rehau Challange Cup. The event took place at the Sports Arena Cluj-Napoca, on the 6th of May 2007. The players sponsored by ArtSoft Consult were a winning team.

5th International Conference on Focusing with Children

5th International Conference on Focusing with Children ArtSoft Consult was an official sponsor of the 5th International Conference on Focusing with Children, 2006. The conference took place in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, between the 20th-24th of October 2006. The main subject of this conference was “Bringing Focusing to Children in Institutions and Education: with special attention for the inner child of the carer”.

Comãnesti, Bacãu

The July 2005 floods in Comanesti, Bacau County, affected 688 families (2031 persons), 385 homes were damaged and 77 homes were completely destroyed by water and mud.
ArtSoft Consult decided to help a family which lost its home in the disaster.

This is the place where the Lãzãroiu family had it's house August 2005. This is the place where the Lãzãroiu family had it’s house. The flood left nothing but rubble. The Lãzãroiu family has 4 members: the two parents and two two-year old twins. They managed to save only themselves and the clothes they were wearing.

The new house, during constructions, built with support from ArtSoft Consult and its employees November 2005. The new house, during constructions, built with support from ArtSoft Consult and its employees. It will have three rooms, dependencies and possibility for an upper storey.

November 2005. The Lãzãroiu family among the ArtSoft Consult representatives, and the mayor of Comanesti, at the reception of the intermediate state of the construction November 2005. The Lãzãroiu family among the ArtSoft Consult representatives, and the mayor of Comanesti, at the reception of the intermediate state of the construction.

May 2006. The almost finished house. May 2006. The house is finished inside, just the exterior and the upper storey are still under construction.

May 2006. The family moved in. May 2006. The Lãzãroiu family moved in, being the first family in Comanesti to move in a new house from the 80 families whose houses were distroyed completely.

PC Party, BEST Cluj-Napoca

BEST Pc Party BEST PCParty is a multimedia event, very popular in western Europe. The participants’ computers are connected to the internet (very high speeds) and to a local network. This way the participants can communicate with each other, exchange experience, play network games or simply surf the Internet. During the event, there are several competitions such as programming, demos, web paging, digital design, computer games etc.

Winner of the contest, Ardelean Alexandru The 6th edition took place between the 18th and 20th of November 2005. ArtSoft Consult was a sponsor of this event and organized a Java Competition. The winner of the Java Competition is Ardelean Alexandru.