The Art of Software Development

Commitment to high quality at ArtSoft Consult

Commitment to high quality

The following strengths recommend ArtSoft Consult as your reliable partner in outsourcing software development:

Fast and easy project initiation

The following steps define the early phase of the project:

  • Face-to-face meeting, NDA, project outlines and fast feedback
  • Sign contract
  • Rapid definition of project specifications (using customized, well-proven tools and approaches)
  • Effort estimation and detailed project plan
  • Architecture and technology formulation
  • Design-related documents
  • Start implementation

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Customized business processes to deliver high quality

ArtSoft Consult has implemented and maintains a highly mature ISO 9001:2008 certified quality management system (certificate no. 261708 from DQS, Germany) for the development and consulting outsourcing services for software products and IT solutions that covers all phases of the software development (project management, analysis, design, implementation, testing, deployment and maintenance).

The whole software development process from inception, analysis, design, implementation, testing, deployment, validation, maintenance, change request management, project planning, project management, monitoring and control is fully documented and runs entirely in electronic format.

The software development process is flexible and tailored for fast and low cost project development. The development model can be tailored according to customer needs.

Customers can monitor the development of their projects and there are check-points for artifacts, as well as feed-back loops from the customer over the entire development process.

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Highly qualified human resources

ArtSoft Consult knows that, in outsourcing projects, the quality of the team is one of the most important assets. In this respect, there is a clearly defined personnel policy, including a rigorous admission process of people, based on interviews, tests, proof-of-capability, affinity to the company’s customer-oriented approach, as well as clearly expressed commitment in achieving the company’s mission and quality objectives.

Based on individual development schemes, ArtSoft Consult encourages and supports continuous learning actions for its employees, periodic assessment of their performance, as well as daily-based responsibility on their work (bug monitoring and control, quality cost and risk management, etc.). These actions are based on clear written rules and procedures that are documented within specific processes, as part of the company’s quality management system.

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Proven capability

The team of ArtSoft Consult got extensive experience in running large scale and complex outsourcing/offshore projects for customers in many countries.

ArtSoft Consult is able to prove the quality of its work, the recommendations from its customers being one of the means.

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Excellent communication practices

  • Permanent communication with the client (e-mail, chat, phone, fax, conference if necessary – see Skype, etc.).
  • Use of predefined reporting schemes (time sheets, customized reports, etc.).
  • Synchronization of activities with the development teams of the customer.
  • Communication with multiple development teams:
  • for every project, on our server is assigned an e-mail account (any problem sent by the customer will be received and solved by the team);
  • clearly defined contact persons (direct e-mail addresses, Yahoo ID, mobile phone);
  • periodical workshops with the customers.

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Reliable and up-to-date technical infrastructure

  • Use of the latest technology, following the international standards
  • Reliable Internet bandwidth: two load-balanced broad-band internet connections
  • Phone lines, up-to-date workstations, servers (application, database, backup), notebooks, phone/fax line, scanners, printers, copiers, MM projector, etc.

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Robust security practices


  • Restrictive firewalls;
  • Authentication and encryption when offering services;
  • Anti-spam and antivirus email system;
  • Detailed logging strategy.


  • NDA between ArtSoft Consult and its clients;
  • Care for the intellectual property of the client (know-how, products, etc.);
  • NDA and non-concurrency agreement between ArtSoft Consult and its employees.

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Attractive guaranty practices

  • 3 month guaranty from the delivered software product.
  • Client property over the code and project documentation.

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Very attractive man-day rates

Based on the operational advantages of Romania in the IT sector, as well as based on reliable management practices and robust approaches in project effort estimation, ArtSoft Consult is able to work out projects at very attractive man-day rates in the market where it operates.

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Cultural adaptation

All employees have very good or excellent English language skills (written, spoken). This is one of the “must-be” requirements at employment. Also, we have employees that speak French, German and Hungarian languages.

Most of our team members also have extensive experience working abroad, in western business environments.

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Research and Development

Being involved in several Research and Development projects for our customers, ArtSoft Consult has the proven capacity to approach R&D projects. References can be provided upon request.

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