The Art of Software Development

Testing services performed by ArtSoft Consult


ArtSoft Consult provides locally managed outsourced software testing services. We have many years of experience in the field, in which we successfully tested a wide variety of software products.

Your data and programs are completely safe with our encrypted internet connection, protected sub-network and secured facilities. Any application can be tested by using VPN, Remote Desktop connections or by installing a build provided by the customer. We have experience in creating automated testing scripts, programmatically. Training about the features of the software is performed quickly using the documents received from the customer (mainly the user’s guide) and a web conference which covers the high-level overview of the tested application.


Automotive industry, oil industry, e-commerce, e-government, internet services and products, telecommunication, distant education, online PC backup solutions, network system management etc.

Interfaces for

Web, desktop, mobile phones, tablet PCs, etc.

Technologies and Tools

Types of testing

Functional and matrix testing, load testing, performance profiling, scalability testing, data integrity testing, regression testing, smoke testing, automated functional testing, test plan driven testing


System cleaning or specific environment configuration: DeepFreeze

Automated testing: TestComplete, Watir, Selenium

Bug-tracking: ClearQuest, Bugzilla, Census, Rally. ProjectLocker, BugZero, Trac

Test case management and reports: TestLink, Rally

Web-conference: Raindance, WebEx, NetMeeting, GotoMeeting, Microsoft Live Meeting

Document control: CVS, VSS, ClearCase, Qwiki

Database synchronization/restore: SQLCompare

Tested web applications on browsers: IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome

Operating systems: Windows, MAC OS, UNIX, FreeBSD.

Tested applications with databases: Oracle, SQLServer, DB2.

Tested applications developed in: Java, .NET, PHP, ASP

Why us?

  • Our testing team has the ability to adapt to the customer’s testing tools and/or testing templates;
  • By working with us the delivery of a software release is quicker, with higher quality and lower costs;
  • We assure 100% coverage for all the testing areas and in-time delivery;
  • We have the ability to test features in parallel with the implementation. On this way the implementation is not disrupted;
  • We can use our own bug-tracking tools or templates for functional map, test plan, test scenarios, if the customer does not have its own testing process defined;
  • We keep a good communication and close relation with the customer.
  • We can work based on sprints/iterations for a more agile process and to provide more control for testing