The Art of Software Development

Complete software rollout services

Complete software roll-out

Rolling out high-end software products requires relevant experience beyond the usual software development process. This means that, besides technical analysis, design, implementation, testing and maintenance of software products, extra-tasks have to be completed in order to launch the product onto the market, including steps related to:

  • Business plan development;
  • Product management;
  • Marketing plan development;
  • Technical preparation for launching.

In software product rollout services, ArtSoft Consult is focused on two categories of customers:

  • Entrepreneurs which are not specialists in the IT sector, which want to invest in the development and commercialization of their own new software products.
  • IT companies that need extra-support in working out some of the pre/post-tasks to the development process of their own new software products.

When providing this service, the results are transferred entirely to the client, in complete terms of confidentiality.
For maintenance and support, if required, a new contract will be signed between parts.

ArtSoft Consult provides modular, customized-to-need services for their customers in rolling out high-end software products. They include:

Classical services

  • Business plan development
  • Technical benchmarking
  • Marketing plan development
  • Software product development
  • Technical preparation for launching onto the market

Niche services

  • Problem domain analysis/business analysis
  • Advanced quality planning of software products
  • Optimal budget allocation for new, complex software products
  • Software product innovation to solve technical and business related conflicts and barriers
  • Release optimization of complex software products

Using specific tools of competitive engineering, ArtSoft Consult offers high quality services in the above presented areas. ArtSoft Consult can provide the entire service package on software product rollout or only modules of the package, according to customer needs.