The Art of Software Development

Customizing software applications

Software customization

Customization has become a key business characteristic for the commercial success of large software platforms. A good customization of software applications requires a thoroughly understanding of customer needs, requirements and expectations.

Customization of software products

In order to maximize the value-to-customer, software applications have to be customized to the specific customer needs. Customized Application Development allows customers to get exactly what they need and how they need. In this business line, ArtSoft Consult is oriented on two types of services:

  • Offshore activities for Professional Service Departments of IT companies;
  • Consultancy / support in data collection about user needs and behavior.

Outsourcing activities for Professional Service Departments of IT companies that are interested in customizing their software products involve a preliminary training of the ArtSoft Consult’s team to understand the platform. The benefits of the client-company consist in significant cost savings and high quality in product customization. ArtSoft Consult has gotten a very good experience in this type of service.

For consultancy/support on data collection about user needs and behavior, ArtSoft Consult uses special “Go to Gemba” techniques to identify the real needs of the user, how he/she effectively operates in the environment, as well as to establish the key requirements for the customized software application.