The Art of Software Development

Customer references

[…] I have had a pleasure to work with ArtSoft since 2009 in several software development projects as customer’s project director and primary contact person roles. Alma Mediapartners Oy and its affiliated companies started outsourcing partnership with ArtSoft on small pilot project. After the pilot project ArtSoft has shown great qualities that have led to a partnership. […] I recommend them with enthusiasm as a long term outsourcing partner.

Rami Aaltonen, IT Manager, Alma Mediapartners Oy

We work together with Artsoft on Portal Software Projects since 2009, during which time they have provided our business with excellent support in the areas of website and software engineering, site optimization, search engine optimization and Database system architecture. Their work has been a major factor in our portal success, helping it to become one of the most visited resources of its kind on the Internet in CEE countries. Their professional approach in project management and ISO certified workflow handling projects helped us to successfully complete software projects within our expectations. I can confidently recommend Artsoft as a solid and reliable supplier, and experts in their field.

Gerhard Köhle, Head of Software Development IM/VMH Group

ArtSoft Consult SRL have provided all services with an excellent quality in the areas of system modeling, software engineering and system integration. The support provided by ArtSoft Consult SRL is based on high-qualified professionals having a wide experience in the state-ofthe-art software engineering tools and very good teamwork skills. Their work has been a major factor in our project planning, so that ArtSoft Consult SRL is today a permanently partner for in4medicine for software engineering projects.
I can confidently recommend ArtSoft Consult SRL as a solid and reliable partner, and experts in their field.

Adrian Costea, Managing Partner, Software-Architect, in4medicine AG

With headquarters in Cork, Ireland, LeT System is a leading provider of software solutions to the utility sector. Our main product, eRespond is a J2EE based multi-utility Outage Management System.
In May of 2008 LeT partnered with ArtSoft Consult for the provision of software consulting services. ArtSoft engineers worked as virtual team members with LeT R+D staff based in Cork, across a number of ongoing projects throughout 2008.
We found the ArtSoft engineers to be highly skilled and fitted in well with our core engineering team. They delivered their work on time and communication between the team members was very good.
We found the management of ArtSoft to be very attentive and committed to both the quality of the work produced and the success of the partnership.

Adrian Newcombe, Head of Engineering, LeT Systems

The team of ArtSoft Consult has indeed proven to be a reliable partner. The data migration project was finished within 6 months, on time, within budget and with the expected quality. The very good results during this first project determined us to continue the business relationship with ArtSoft Consult. […] Please allow me to recommend ArtSoft Consult as a highly professional and trustful partner.

David Lasseel, IT Manager, Scarlet, Belgium

We are highly satisfied with the performance, quality and dedication of the team as a whole and with those of each individual member. ArtSoft now significantly contribute to all of Enigma`s activities in the areas mentions. We have managed to establish a very good work relationship both on management level and team level and we feel that we are moving in the direction of a single organic team.

Mickey Kimchi, CTO, Enigma Inc. Israel

I have worked with over 10 offshore partners and ArtSoft has consistently provided the fastest, most accurate and most flexible service. We have worked with ArtSoft to test several application and e-commerce projects and they have always delivered up to and beyond our high expectations. The professionalism and excellent work that ArtSoft`s team continues to do for us places them at the top of our preferred provider list.

Jeffrey C. Hotz, CEO/Founder, TESTCo, Inc. USA

ArtSoft is a reliable partner for doing outsourcing with, mostly the ability to decide when action and communication is necessary is really outstanding. The projects are planned and build professionally in good quality and even in critical project situations the people of ArtSoft do their very best to each every given target. I personally recommend ArtSoft as outsourcing partner for everyone who needs a reliable and competent partner in Software Development.

Jochen Rieg, General Manager, virtual7 GmbH, Germany

During the cooperation we learned that the team involved in the above projects is able to analyze complex software requirements and is able to prepare really good and innovated software architecture. All modules and tasks were delivered on time. […] The communications with the project leader of the team was really professional and with a target oriented focus. […] We are sure that upcoming customers of ArtSoft Consult will have the same positive experience like we had.

Hans-Dieter Hahn, Managing Director, Pandora Neue Medien GmbH

Having discussed the vision documents and the scope the project was well guided and maintained by ArtSoft. Communication was good, discussions led to clear results, obstacles regarding requirements and implementation were identified and solved by ArtSoft.

Balaji Mohana Radhakrishnan, IT Manager, Intracom GmbH, Germany

Our cooperation with ArtSoft started with a very successful project in which they provided us the consultancy needed to implement the ISO 9001 quality management system. […] In all the projects in which we worked with ArtSoft we had very good results. […] We have always had a very good communication and we appreciate much their promptness to our requests and their professionalism in providing quality services on time. We recommend them as a professional and trustworthly company.

Ian Tidder, CEO, Computaris Ltd, Brentwood, UK

The projects required professional skills in J2ME and Jboss including porting e.g. to create client server communications via GSM networks. Communication was good, discussions led to clear results, obstacles regarding requirements and implementation were identified and solved by ArtSoft. The attitude is highly customer oriented and focused. The various development phases were conducted and guided in a controlled manner. Quality assurance was good, all detected bugs were fixed in due time.

Moritz Winter, Managing Director, 12Snap GmbH

The transition of resources during the different phases of the project were handled well, and the customer was comfortable with the level of communications that we provided during the transitions. This is a compliment to you and your staff. The customer was also quite happy with the level of expertise that we could provide, the willingness of the individuals to get the job done and the quality of work that was performed.

Joseph J. Vide, Senior Partner, IMC International, USA

The first project was concerned with a fusion of several Oracle databases for a Belgian customer in the telecom sector. Therefore the data analysis, mapping, development and project management was done from ArtSoft in a high professional way and with excellent commitment to reach project objectives. […] In conclusion, we honestly and openly recommend ArtSoft Consult as a reliable and highly professional partner.

Thomas Riedel, Managing Director, Montana Computer-Consulting GmbH, Germany

Communication, promptness, efficiency and quality was always as high as we have expected them from ArtSoft Consult. Especially we want to underline the professionalism in project management and in time delivery of ArtSoft. With no limitation we can recommend ArtSoft Consult to anybody who needs professional development of any kind of application. As far as caatoosee will develop software onwards in the future, we will also use the work of ArtSoft Consult again.

Jan Tenne, Vice-President, caatoosee AG, Germany