The Art of Software Development

Professional software development services

Professional Services

We know the barriers in the real world of outsourcing IT services. We have optimized our business processes to assure robustness in front of various noise factors that might occur during project operation.

We can effectively prove our process capabilities and we are prepared to provide a fully transparent and controllable software development process. Our previous results have shown that we have the capability to ensure a superior balance between the key factors which bring a successful project to reality.

Some of the key strengths in our services are:

  • People with very good experience in project management for large applications;
  • Western business culture and very good English language skills;
  • Very good expertise in software analysis (business & technical) and design;
  • Capability to cover all phases of the software development process;
  • Proof of capability based on low cost pilot projects;
  • Capability to deliver solutions over the whole project life-cycle;
  • Capability and experience for fast project initiation;
  • The software development process is well-defined, documented and adaptable to customer requirements;
  • Extensive experience in remote communication and provision of a knowledge base around projects we perform;
  • Experience and capability to manage change requests;
  • Cost savings;
  • Integrity.