Sponsoring “St. Veronica” Elderly and Children Center
Community Involvement

Sponsoring “St. Veronica” Elderly and Children Center

January 2022

A news article has caught our attention this month: enormous facility bills for a social settlement in our neighboring county (at just 1h distance from us). The elderly and children center “St. Veronica”, projects of Dumbrava Monastery, is facing economic difficulties due to the electricity and heat bills and they fear the option of closing the center.
ArtSoft Consult's shareholders decided to support “St Veronica” settlement with 5000lei/month and with necessary goods for their operations. Our employees chose to join in this initiative of helping them overcome the winter. It is very touching to see that so many of our colleagues answered our call and are taking part in this action, financially and by donating products.
It is important for us to offer support to those that are vulnerable; to offer every child a chance and to care for the elderly that unfortunately remained alone in their final days.
We hope that our initiative makes a difference and alleviates the efforts of these wonderful people that dedicate their life in caring for the smallest of our community.

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