Setting ideas into motion - DPIT 2017
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Setting ideas into motion - DPIT 2017

November 2017

Setting ideas into motion – our winning teams and their applications from DpIT program

Discovering your passion in IT was born out of a desire to support education and IT development and to increase the number of young people who choose to pursue an IT career.

The third edition of the program brought together nine IT companies, nine high schools, two educational institutions of Cluj-Napoca, and, of course the DpIT Association – the organizer of the event.

After seven months of hard work, the students presented their results to the public, applications targeting various areas of interest, from organizing events to digitizing the educational process and to irrigation systems.

ArtSoft Consult, a Gold partner in this program, has led three high school teams to develop web and mobile applications.

Here are some details about the wonderful ideas our teams have put into motion:

„Bus Tracker” application aims to promote the use of Cluj-Napoca’s public transport among young people as well as among adults by illustrating the means of transport alongside their schedule. Users will be able to track the exact location of the bus in real time and choose different routes to the desired destination. Bus Tracker was carried out by Code Busters team (Mihai Grebla, Andreea Tigala, Rares Modure and Ioan Ghiorghiu from „Emil Racovita” High School), mentored by our colleague Levente Fülöp.
Check out their video:

"SWIFT" application, made by CLC team (Bothaza Larisa, Beniamin Zeic, Loredana Purcel and Teodora Ursu from „Avram Iancu” High School) and mentored by Iulius Tomescu, helps you organize and plan your events and also keeps track of the products purchased at the supermarket. It is designed to offer assistance for those of us who are very busy and want to plan the events ahead and for those who need to keep track and double check the grocery list at the cash register.
This is their presentation video:

„Fast Chef” was created to make cooking easier. The app helps you find recipes without the trouble of browing multiple websites. Fast Chef is designed to be user friendly even for those less familiar with the art of cooking. If you lack imagination on what to do with some ingredients left in your refrigirator, just insert them into the app and Fast Chef will provide lots of tasty recipes. The application was made by ProTech team (Drohobeczky Orsolya, Péntek Aliz-Erzsébet, Enyedi Ervin, Kálmán Sándor and Tompos Alpár from “János Zsigmond” High School), mentored by Csaba Németi in ArtSoft Consult.
This is their presentation video:

The merit awards offered by ArtSoft Consult within the Discover your passion in IT were given to the CLC team at the Avran Iancu Theoretical High School, for the Swift application; Grebla Mihai from Code Busters team at Emil Racovita National College and Péntek Aliz-Erzsébet and Drohobeczky Orsolya from the ProTech team from “János Zsigmond” Unitarian High School.

We are grateful for this experience and for the impact it has on the thriving IT generation.

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