Scrum training for Agile team members

Scrum training for Agile team members

October 2021

We are constantly looking to offer our specialists opportunities to enhance their skills and to build a more effective and creative ambience amongst our teams. This week we were pleased to host a joint Scrum training for Agile members of one of our teams and the guests from the client. The training was facilitated by our colleague Andreea Gliga, and for 2 days they dived together in the art of developing valuable software.
Starting with the Agile Manifesto and continuing with Values & Principles of Scrum, here are some of the topics that the team focused on during these days: Scrum Framework, Product Backlog, Backlog Refinement, Estimation, Scrum Accountabilities, Sprint Planning, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective.
There were 2 intense days for our participants, but we feel we have now a more motivated and confident team, ready to welcome new challenges, working together to deliver high quality software.

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