Internal online course about microservices

Internal online course about microservices

Speaker: Denis Balaceanu & Lupu Madalina

28 April 2020

This month we started the online courses for our employees. Working from home is not a barrier in our daily life, it is a new opportunity.

The first cours was dedicated to one of the well known Software Development Techniques: Microservices.
Known for its architectural style, microservices encompases a couple of services fine-grained and protocols.

The main topics of the course were:
• From Monoliths to Microservices
• Core Principles
• Best Practices to Follow
• Microservices Architecture
• Vertx
• Hazelcast
• Microservices and Continuous Deployment
• Cluster Monitoring
• Scalable databases
• When to chose the microservices architecture
• Challenges Versus Benefits

Thank you Madalina & Denis for this interesting course!

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