Celebrating the 15th anniversary of our company

20 December 2018

ArtSoft Consult was established by a core of IT specialists in December 2003 to provide custom software development, IT outsourcing and consulting services. Over the years we extended our portfolio with additional, high-value added services like software roll-out, data and application migration, process optimization, UX/UI design, customized business process outsourcing services, ISO 9001 consulting services for IT companies. We extended our technical expertise as well. We started with Java, web technologies and C++ and enlarged our technical competences with PHP, .NET, Ruby on Rails, native and cross-platform mobile application development.

15 years of ArtSoft Consult means many things: quality, constant growth, stability, open communication and technical knowledge. Our team composed of IT specialists, managers and shareholders builds a creative, experienced and talented community, endowed with much professionalism, perseverance and dedication. Their work promoted our company in the top of the IT companies in Cluj-Napoca built with Romanian capital.

When it comes to loyalty we highlight the fact that we keep a tied stance with our clients who have doubled in the last 10 years. ArtSoft Consult has developed until now more than 300 projects for client all over the world, being able to adapt to new business domains, technology and ideas. We are currently collaborating with 21 clients, half of whom we have started to work with over 10 years ago, and this is proof of the excellent quality services provided. With this occasion we thank our clients for choosing and trusting us and for the beautiful and productive times spent together.

We support and encourage the continuous development of our employees, offering them opportunities to evolve and to build a career while keeping a balanced professional and personal life. Through the implemented programs, we harness the potential of our employees and help them grow within the company. In these 15 years of ArtSoft Consult, beautiful friendships have been tied inside the walls of the company.

Celebrating the 15th anniversary of our company
Lidia Bibolar

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

'“We can call our community the ArtSoft family. We are experienced IT specialists who have stayed together despite of the wild headhunting. More than 40% of you have been working in ArtSoft Consult for more than 7 years. What is the binder that keeps us together? I received the answer from a colleague: "Because ArtSoft cares". And indeed, we care. We care about our colleagues, about our clients, about our partners, about the new generation of passionate IT enthusiasts, students and pupil. We care about orphaned children, needy people and sick children, whom we happily help each occasion we have. Despite our highly technical job, the human side is important to us and we like to take care of those around us, leaving our footprint in the communities in which we live in."

Thank you all for being part of our wonderful journey!

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