ArtSoft Consult celebrated 10 Years of Excellence

ArtSoft Consult celebrated 10 Years of Excellence

19 December 2013

ArtSoft Consult is a dynamic IT company with extraordinary references on the international market. ArtSoft Consult has developed until now more than 170 projects for clients all over the world, using only the latest technology. The large amount of projects that were added to the company’s portfolio over time certifies the passion of our experts for quality products. Moreover, the continuous improvement underlines a great relationship between the company and our clients. Celebrating 10 years of activity only confirms that the desire to transform the development of software to art was, is and will be a reality for ArtSoft Consult. The growth of the company and the fact that at the moment it plays an important role on this market are the confirmation that these 10 years of experience and accomplishments are just the beginning of a long road ahead.

“I believe that what contributed mainly to our success today was determination and clear vision and looking back at the past 10 years representing the identity of this company, I overlook the difficult times and only consider all the exciting accomplishments that have brought us here, the huge efforts of passionate people whose main purpose was excellence, quality and the desire to do a perfect job. We strongly value this past 10 years’ experience and we look forward to the future. I believe that what differentiated us until now will also distinguish us in the future –while the ArtSoft Consult signature will always remain excellence, experience and expertise.”, says Lidia Bibolar, ArtSoft Consult CEO

From the first commitment in 2003 until now, ArtSoft Consult experienced a sustained growth year after year, due to the desire to always deliver quality services and innovative solutions that have molded perfectly to client requirements, achieving a growth of 6,5 times of the yearly turnover in the last 9 years. Solid and lasting partnerships that ArtSoft Consult has developed so far prove once again that the basis for a successful concept is always to invest in quality. The quality management system implemented and maintained in ArtSoft Consult is certified since January 2004.

“We have successfully completed many projects where we started from vague and incomplete specification. It is our team of specialists whose professionalism has prevailed in any situation. Professional challenges were the engine that led us to evolve and improve ourselves. We started back in 2003 by offering solutions based on Java and Oracle technologies. In 10 years we have diversified a lot in terms of technology and currently we are developing applications in PHP, C ++, C# .NET, Objective-C, Ruby on Rails and associated platforms. 10 years of ArtSoft Consult – that to us is evolution.” says Cosmin Neag, CTO of ArtSoft Consult

10 years ago ArtSoft Consult meant a handful of specialists. Now ArtSoft Consult means more than 100 people united by the same passion for excellence. For the next 10 years ArtSoft Consult aims to expand client relationships and maintain the same high standards of professionalism.

We have an extensive expertise in outsourcing services for software development, including:
- Custom software applications development;
- Customization of software applications;
- Roll-out high-end software products;
- Testing;
- Mobile application development;
- Web and graphic design;
- Consulting services in IT (benchmarking, due diligence, optimizations, etc.).

We also provide business process outsourcing services for media companies and ISO 9001:2008 consulting services for IT companies.

We develop applications in Java, PHP, .NET (C#, ASP.NET), C++ and Objective-C, Ruby on Rails and related frameworks. We also focus on mobile applications for iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows Mobile platforms. We have experience in developing with Oracle, MSSQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB, Derby, Lucene, LDAP as data storage and with the following operating systems: Linux, Windows, iOS, MacOS, Android. Testing services include: functional, load, performance, data integrity, automated testing etc.

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