Partnerships & Memberships

“Discover you passion for IT” 2019 project competition

27 September 2019

This year the students surprised again with their ideas:

One team, “The Robots” known as well as “Panseluțele”, thought that we frequently forget to take the charger with us when we leave the house. So they realized a program through which you can find the closest place where to charge your phone. Through this program you can find not only the place but the type of charger they have, in order to be suitable for your device. The most remarkable fact is that their idea is a unique idea and probably soon will be available on Amazon.

The other team, “ITReactor” created an application designed for students and professors/mentors in order to find each other easier. The main idea of the project is that the professor/mentor can add his/her own offer and students can add their requests as well for mentoring. The application facilitates this process, being able to match the student with the teacher notifying both. After the student and the professor reach an agreement, a chat room is open if the student has any questions regarding different topics from the courses.

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