Senior Programming UX designer

Senior Programming UX designer

Code: UX


We are looking for a senior programming UX designer to extend the team of a recently started project. Those hired will design and develop a responsive web-based application used in the media industry.


    • Experience in web development with React and JavaScript/TypeScript
    • Familiar with React, at least 4 years of working experience with these technologies
    • Experience with UX Design
    • Experience with design systems and Figma
    • Experience in Storybook and open API specifications are considered as plus
    • Working with tools such as Figma or comparable tool from other vendor
    • Proficient in developing high-quality code
    • Team player and able to closely collaborate with the colleagues
    • Sound knowledge and programming skills
    • BSc or MSc degrees in computer science or engineering is a plus
    • Good English skills (speaking and writing)


    • Partake in design system meetings and help shape our system
    • Document the system
    • Maintain a React component library using Material-ui + Storybook
    • Possibly maintain a Figma component library
    • Do UX reviews from technical standpoint
    • Feature implementation
    • Communication with other team members and customers in English
    • We want to publish our design system company wide in the future. You have a key role in this.
    • Share the knowledge about Design and Design System the company
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