Code: Recruiter


We are looking for a dedicated recruiter to join our HR team in identifying hiring needs and filling job openings. The responsibilities of a recruiter include understanding future hiring needs, designing job descriptions, sourcing candidates through job portals and social media, conducting screening interviews, filing paperwork.

A successful recruiter has excellent interpersonal skills, is organized and detail-oriented, remains up-to-date with employment legislation, and keeps informed in company hiring and internship programs. A good recruiter can assess candidates' skills, experience, and relevant knowledge and compare them to job requirements.


    • Previous working experience as a recruiter in an IT company is a plus.
    • The ability to conduct different types of interviews.
    • Experience with recruitment processes, job portals and social media.
    • The ability to design and implement recruiting strategies.
    • Excellent communication skills.
    • Good interpersonal skills.
    • Good decision-making skills.
    • A working knowledge of employment law and legislation is a plus.
    • A bachelor's degree in human resource management, psychology or related fields is a plus.


    • Identifying future hiring needs and developing job descriptions and specifications.
    • Collaborating with the management to compile a consistent list of requirements.
    • Attracting suitable candidates through job portals, online employment forums, social media, etc.
    • Conducting screening interviews and sorting through applicants to fill open positions.
    • Assessing applicants' knowledge, skills, and experience to best suit open positions.
    • Promoting the company's reputation and attractiveness as a good employment opportunity.
    • Participating at job fairs, presentations and workshops. Working closely with the marketing team to build promotional materials.
    • Assisting in the management of the internship programs.
    • Providing recruitment reports to management.
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