The Art of Software Development

Domains of expertise

Our specialists have the right mix of skills to approach complex projects in:

The correlation matrix: expertise vs. areas of application

Correlation matrix between vertical and horizontal expertise in software outsourcing

Data Management

ArtSoft Consult is your reliable partner for the development of data management solutions to your corporate needs. Over the years, ArtSoft Consult has developed content management systems, customer relationship management systems, corporate data management applications, data warehouse, human resource management and information quantifying systems.

The domains / industries for which ArtSoft Consult has developed data management systems are: telecommunications, automotive industry, virtual museums, entertainment and media market, classified ads, manufacturing, e-commerce, internet services, process modelling, management and optimization, distant education. The characteristics of our service are:

  • Personalized to the customer needs;
  • Secured data access;
  • Information protection based on roles and permissions mechanisms;
  • User-friendly interfaces (web or standalone) to manage the flow of the data.

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Enterprise Applications

ArtSoft Consult has a longstanding experience in developing complex enterprise applications for business segments like telecommunications, automotive industry, manufacturing industry, entertainment, media market, public services & energy (oil, gas, water and electricity), hospitality and commerce.

Our team proved over time a high capability to understand the client needs and to analyze his requirements.

We developed enterprise applications that manage huge amount of data and complex business rules. Our team proved his experience to design scalable, reliable and secure systems.

The main characteristics of the applications we developed are:

  • Approached architectures: JEE/J2EE based servers, Web services, thin clients (web), Swing clients, mobile clients;
  • Interaction with different legacy systems like CRMs, billing systems, databases;
  • Secured data access, information protection based on roles and permissions mechanism;
  • Data encryption;
  • Communication protocols: TCP/IP, RMI, IIOP, SOAP, HTTP/HTTPS, XML-RPC.

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Mobile Applications

ArtSoft mobile applications are known for being innovative and entertaining.

We provide complete solutions for our customers including:

  • Applications for Android, Windows Mobile and iOS (iPhone and iPad) enabled phones;
  • Scalable client-server solutions;
  • Innovative data transfer protocols.
  • Porting of web applications to all mobile OS browsers

We developed applications in the following areas:

  • Mobile marketing;
  • Loyalty systems;
  • Online map navigation systems;
  • Instant messaging applications;
  • Games;
  • Mobile sport events;
  • Mobile content delivery;
  • Commerce
  • Classified ads;
  • Stock management.

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Messaging middleware

Our company has the capability to provide high quality services in the messaging middleware area. We have a strong background in designing and developing applications based on JMS platforms.

The business segments for which ArtSoft Consult has already developed messaging middleware-based applications are telecommunications, corporate data management, hospitality, entertainment and media market.

Our services cover the followings:

  • Messaging benchmarking for different MOM platforms;
  • Designing messaging based architectures;
  • Developing messaging based applications.

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Data Migrations

Our company has the capability to provide high quality services in data migration. In this area we have a very good experience in the telecommunications industry, entertainment and media market. Our expertise covers data migrations from proprietary systems, Oracle Financial, Siebel, BOSS, WISE, CRM. Our services cover the followings:

  • Data structure analysis for complex databases, including duplicate identification and duplicate management, data correlation between data from different heterogeneous systems, algorithms for data generation based on available data and reference business rules, etc.;
  • Verification of the quality of the data to be migrated;
  • Design of flexible, error tolerant migration scripts, including data backup;
  • Implementation of migration scripts using the high performance and reliable technologies in order to manage the largest databases;
  • Testing on more levels: functional testing including quantity and quality tests, load tests, performance tests, etc.;
  • Database optimization for a fast and timely migration.

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