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Outsourcing services in software development is a growing business worldwide. The structural and operational characteristics of the Romanian economy in the IT service sector (highly qualified people in IT, low labor costs, cultural affinities with the western countries, very good foreign language skills of the people, etc.) offer a competitive advantage for ArtSoft Consult in running a business activity in the area of outsourcing services for software development.

Over time, we have experienced and refined a reliable and smooth model flow when providing outsourcing services in software development to our customers. It is very simple and comprises the following stages:

  • Customer contacts us by e-mail or by phone and provides us the basic information about the potential cooperation (business and technical requests);
  • We provide to the customer more information about our expertise and business terms;
  • Both parts sign a NDA (if necessary);
  • Customer provides a short project description with basic information about specifications;
  • We deliver a fast feedback;
  • Customer decides on the next steps. Some of the possible variants are further presented:
    • Variant 1: selection process (off-site / on-site technical meetings and interviews) >> contract definition >> sign contract >> off-shore team ready to start the project;
    • Variant 2: selection process (off-site technical meetings and interviews) >> notification of acceptance >> contract definition >> start training on-site and off-site >> set up the working framework >> off-shore team ready to start the project;
    • Variant 3: sign initial agreement >> short test project >> test project delivered >> project accepted >> contract definition>> sign contract >> off-shore team ready to start the new project;
  • Establish and set-up communication tools and protocols;
  • We start the project from the point the customer asks (e.g. vision formulation; detailed specification elaboration; architecture/technology; design, etc.).
  • Continue with project development.

Contract models

  • Fixed price
  • Time & materials
  • Mix

Further details related to key strengths of ArtSoft Consult in this business line are provided in the section “Commitment to high quality”. A list of customers can be viewed here.