The Art of Software Development

Team building

Work and fun

After work, there has to be fun! Work and fun goes well together, therefore ArtSoft Consult organizes periodical team building events where the employees are encouraged to interact and to learn about each-other.

Here are some activities organized by the company for its employees.

Christmas PartyChristmas at ArtSoft Consult

Before entering the Christmas vacation we organize a Christmas Party where we exchange presents and the company rewards the most deserving employees of the year.

Board GamesBoard games @ ArtSoft Consult

Because we believe in team cohesion, game nights are periodically organized and everybody has the chance to enjoy socializing with the work colleagues.

Halloween Party

Halloween Party / ArtSoft Consult

Every year on October 31 we organize a Halloween Party where we disguise into scary characters and carve pumpkins. We also have a costumes contest where we award the most creative costume of the evening.

Sports activities

Sports Activities - ArtSoft Consult

Basketball, running, hiking and other sportive activities with our employees.

Birthday celebration each month

We are celebrating each month our colleagues that have been born that month. Besides the big cake and fruit juice that is consumed together, each celebrated person gets from the company a personalized birthday cake as a present.

Short trips

Hiking activities within ArtSoft ConsultWe enjoy each-others’ company in the short week-ends, too. One or two days short trips are organized in the nearby mountains.

Laser tagging

Laser Tag / ArtSoft ConsultOn a beautiful autumn day, November 2011, the boys and some of the girls went to exercise their shooting skills at a laser tagging club in Cluj.

Make-up session

MakeUp sessionsThe same day, the ladies went to a nice bar close to the company where Lavinia, our Manager assistant and qualified make-up artist presented the latest trends in make-up. After the theoretical presentation, she made three demonstrations:  evening make-up, daily make-up and make-up for a person who wears eye-glasses. At the end of the evening the lucky-ones went home with a make-up kit in their purse.


Paintball / ArtSoft ConsultBecause we love nature and sports also we organized a paintball competition in Hoia Forest where the employees had a lot of fun trying to knock their colleagues with paint.